PipeDream (I'm thinking about you again)

I fell in love with you

On the twentysixth of November

Two thousand and seven

You threw me away on the third of December

Two thousand and seven

I squirmed at the thought

Of you

Dancing around a Christmas tree

Holding the hand of your

New boyfriend

As I silently puffed on my pipe

I haven't heard your voice since you left me

whBut I'm sure you'd love to know

That these smoke rings that I blow

aren't quite as friendly

As you were to me some time ago

But as my vision slowly blurs

My eyelids start to gain some weight

And the sight of your physique

Is the last thing that my mind sees

Before I sleep

Before I sleep

Before I sleeeeep

Before I sleep

And when I wake up

The taste of you wont touch my lips

And I wont be holding your hips

Like my mind led me to believe

When I was dreaming

When I was dreaming

When I was dreaaaaaaming

Dreaming of you

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