Can't believe the thoughts we thought we knew

Never breathing in the facts at school

How were we supposed to know

That all the thoughts that we were told

to think, were true?

What a crushing blow below the belt

All the truths we told were never felt.

Face the facts,

Just lick the lie.

Your eyes get wide,

Lose track of time.

Waste away your evenings on the trail,

Trying to expose how much you've failed.

Face the facts,

Just taste your dream,

Pull out the strings,

Chew on the seams.

When we lived

We lived for us

And we did

But the truth be told

Was set in stone

But what's unknown

Is why we question

"What's real?"

When we spoke

We spoke of love

And how it was

For everyone

Not just ourselves.

We had it figured out,

From the beginning..

Can't believe the facts we brought to you

Didn't include a single shred of truth

Don't know why

we thought we knew.

We had our say,

But all of you

Were right, and didn't fight.

We separated fact from fiction then,

Gloating that we had the upper hand

Kept on going

Our own way

Persuading friends

To go astray

Then when we hit the line

The end of it

We saw the truth

And we accepted it

Because it's written

In stone.

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