The Seasons, They Are a Changin'

Sometime soon I know that this wall will become my best of friends.



It's winter still in Michigan, spring is nearing closer though.

I've been losing my mind ever since I've been trapped in this winter wonderland.

When you're outside a lot, you become part of it.

Your skin toughens up, and you become one with the elements.

It's great!

However, though, my being in this frozen concrete room, where heat is a refugee to the land above, has left me crippled and compelled to sit under blankets and waste away my time observing meaningless time consumptions and performing sin after sin after sin.

I eagerly await the day

When warmth will fill my lungs with joy

And clean them out so I can run and jump and laugh and skip and play until the nine o' clock sunset.

Oh great land of sandy waves with bodies barren of fabric;

I'm waiting to greet you, with a smile and a yell.

Green, a color I have not seen for quite a while, will paint the scenery left and right while I will taste the air and touch the sky!

All that's left of winter now is snow and fifteen degrees to bull shit.

Stepmother Nature show me what beauty is again.

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