Born in July

Start out walking down the street and

see an old friend gotta go and

get his number, get it quick, then

catch a bus and take the next stop,

walk four blocks and cry your eyes out.

Never turning, never caring.

Always thinking, always praying.

Go to sleep and get your nights worth.

Wake up half dead make some noise and

go to town with nothing left to

lose. A death with and some stencils.

Hear the beat and move your feet then

Break into a steady run while

Maps with arrows none too destined

point you in the right direction

Legs are aching, heart is racing

Eyes are pacing, lungs are shutting


Hear the city, feel it's heartburn

See the pretty people out there

Bash your brain with petty thoughts

Of being one like all the others

Make a quick left climb a three set

Wind up asking for a new friend

When you get to where they're pointing

Observation and some gut rot

End up throwing on the sidewalk

all the hopes and all the dreams that

made you get into this scene and

now you see them, now you greet them

face to face there's not a reason

to retract your favorite statement

Life is golden, hearts are ancient

keep it stable, make sure you don't


Wake up moaning, wailing, crying,

scratching, itching from excitement.

Biting down on early warnings

Wearing heavy on your shirt sleeves

Wearing nothing but a smile

Lacking truth, full of denial

Brushing dust out of your teeth and

Hoping someone comes to see you

Brush the dust off of your shoulders

Realizing that it's over

Admitting to all your faults and

All your breakdowns, life's a drought and

Now you're empty, now you're choking

Now you're waking up and life's

A joke.

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