You've Been Stuck


I've been watching you

I've been viewing what you'd

Rather do

Than hang around with me

And waste your time

You've been stuck in a world

Of laziness

Of pastiness

And a stranger's kiss

Without the proper grip

I fear you might slip,

And take a dire tumble

Down the stairs.

You think there's nobody in this world

That even cares.

Breathing loud

You're held on to

By a man

You never really knew,

You only met him once

Some time that night,

And when I say that you've been stuck

I'm pretty sure I'm right,

Because right now you're wishing only

That you would die..

Darling empty out your cup!

Throw it away!

It's time to stop!

Just grab your stuff,

And get out of

That mess that you've been wandering around-

Try and think about

All of the times we had together.

And try my dear the best you can,

The good times, to remember.

You can.

And when a clear

view comes through

Firmly, I'll stand

Close next to you and

Proudly hold your hand.

Don't think I wont..

Becuase I know that you've been stuck,

My dear, alone..

And alone is the loneliest place you could ever roam...

So right here next to your side

offering warmth

And clean security

I'll be


For you.


My dear ..

You've been stuck.

In a world that





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