Pressing Onward

Down into a sewer

Life crumbles

As I struggle

To stand upright...

I don't feel right.

The ceilings curving downward

I press onward

In the dark

There's no light...

None in sight.

Now my feet soaked

Swimming in shit

Can you feel it

The hopelessness!

Wading in piss

As the rats pass

Crawling on hands

They bite at me...

Nothing is free any... more...

When will they...

Notice I'm gone?

Will they try to help me?

Or will they say so long?

Rounding all the corners

It's so hard

To press onward

when every thing's...

Lost all meaning...

I've got myself into this shit

I've got to get up out of it

I've got to try-

I can't just give up...

Not now, no not ever...

There's a power...

An impulsiveness all around us...

Breathe it take it in...

Right now it smells like shit!

But I've got to try!

And try I will!

To get out of here!

And get my fill!

Breathe in the air!

So fresh and pure!

I'm press-ing on-ward!

No piss soaked shoes!

No more to lose!

No more bad news!

No time to booze!

I'm press-ing on-ward!

No one will tempt me...



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