She's Got Diamonds In Her Eyes! (What a dumb unfinished run on sentence of bullshit)

She's got diamonds in her eyes!

And I've got experience with thighs

And if you don't believe the lies

Then I hope I'm at your side

When you lay down low to die

I want you believing you can fly

To soar above the moonlit sky

And make me wonder just why I

Could have a girl care for a guy

Just as much as you do; I

She's got a twinkle that I see

Cut, flawless, shining, A to Z!

And it latches onto me

So with her is where I need

To be.

Her shine is way to bright!

And I fear that I just might

Have to wear sun glasses day and night

And by the Gods!

A body tight like this

Can only be brought down from heaven

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