Like a man

He takes a swig

His head cocked back

So the running water flows

Into his mouth

And down his throat

His thirst is quenched

Until he is shot

And he falls

Mouth open, gasping

Blood coughing


Man down 'ol chum

As they all run past him

He's seeing his last vision

Something no one else has seen

It is a scene from where he lives

That he will never see again

As he grows thirsty

He grows weary

As he knows

His end is near

He wants a smoke

To Dull his pain

But deep inside he knows

That feeling is just a joke

And reaching into his coat

Seems like a task

Commanded by God

It's so hard to do so he doesn't

A man of God he is

But when his heart has almost stopped

He doesn't really care

And so he lays

Himself to death

While guns are fired

And screams of pain and

Death and agony

Surround him

He's at peace

He sees his wife

His kid of only thirteen months

He wished them well

His eyelids fell

And he slipped into a slumber

And slumber he did

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