Summer 2010

To myself I wonder if
I'll ever get to meet her who
Opens and closes doors
Inside my head when I am sleeping
I hear footsteps coming nearer and
My heart starts beating faster and
I start to turn my head
then everything goes black


When your life deals an unfair hand
When all your chips are in
And everything's at stake
Don't forget that someone's waiting
They care


It was a dream I have had
Can't remember what was said
But I knew there was a girl
And she was calling after me to meet
I'd go to look for her
Not really clear of which direction
Her voice was calling from
When I was sure I turned then I wake up in my bed


When the world starts to pass you by
When the race seems like
It's neverending
Don't forget that someone's cheering
For you


This reoccuring dream was all
I could think of for days and days
It bothered me so much
I started writing out my will
I knew it had to mean something
Dreams like these don't happen much
My life was in a slump
Until I realized who she was


When you're balancing on the edge
The thought of falling keeps on racing through your head
Don't forget she's got her arms spread wide
To catch you

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