Soft as Eggshells

Often times I wonder if people realize they look fucking ridiculous

Like do they know what people say behind their back?

I guess it’s independence

But it looks real ugly

I think it’s sad that people are demoralized for wearing something that isn’t quite “in”

God says their unique

Peers say they’re gay

That’s a lot of people living for the lord I guess

Nobody loves anyone anymore

The only kind of human love I see

Is the kind of love that is regarded as “creepy”

Friends might help their friends

But do they really care?

Only about themselves

I haven’t seen it myself

But legends tell of faraway lands

Where love is sacred

And everyone is happy

And nobody is too good for anyone else

I’d love to take us there

On my flying tour bus made of solid gold eggshells

It doesn’t exist

It doesn’t exist

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