A Wandering Thought

One day I was so confused

I set out on a journey

My walk wouldn't take me far

A mile to a road made of dirt and stone

I could hear the birds

The air smelled like fall

A trail I saw leading down a shallow hill

I followed it's mystery

To a stream

Where fishes swam

I saw my reflection

In the crystal clear water

It wasn't me I saw

This guy was ragged

He was worn out

And he was tired

He didn't smile

I wondered who he was

It couldn't have been me..

Could it?

I walked on

Past the stream

Between the trees

I saw their leaves

Changing colors

We shed ourselves sometimes

And come back as someone new

I came to a clearing

Where I stopped

So I could rest

I was alone there

But I knew that others had been before

They must have made memories in that spot

Much like I was doing that day

I felt like I was part of something

Even though I didn't know

What it was

I didn't know what to do from that point on

I fell asleep

The earth kept me company

The earth watched me sleep

Like she did sometimes

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