Chalk Outline

One day I’ll draw your chalk outline.

Your bleeding corpse won’t find a grave.

When I gutted you, your eyes went black.

My smile stretched from ear to ear.

One day you’ll be an outlined figurine;

Arms tied feet, a mangled scene.

There will be no one to figure out

Who it was that took your life that night.

Once upon a time

We were friends.

For the most part




Once upon a time, we sewed the same kind of seams.

Once upon a time, I dreamed of killing dreams.

Now there’s no one left to point the blame.

Life is just an ever passing game

To you.

One day you’ll be ragged and poor;

Begging on the streets for a few pennies more.

If I ever see you, keep this in mind;

I had dreams of killing you one time.

One day your chalk outline will line my walls

Framed and positioned, plastered down the halls.

Once upon a time a guest asked who it was.

I just whispered quietly, “My friend Josh.”

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