Prancing around the cornfield

Lost in the maze

It's aMAZEing!

I hear the animals call out to us

They say "come near little children"

We make headway

To the pasture where we find

A little calf

But she's bleeding

All over, she's bleeding

To death!

Oh my GOD

They call out

Look at what they've all done!

To the little one, quickly, hide your young!

We are speechless

They walk towards us

Snorting making sounds

We turn around

They are behind us!

There's nowhere left to run.

We quickly sail through the sky

Floating on a rainbow

It takes us south

To Palm Beach

Where we dance the night away

Sleep on matresses made of feathers

Of the chickens of the north

Mmm Mmm it's comfy

Man I tell you

We slept.

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