My eyes yawn

My mouth blinks open

I control myself again

It feels good to walk on my hands

When my feet are feeling too blue from the night before

I shower with my toothbrush

I teeth my brush with my hose

Have you ever really tried to put on clothes

When all you have is a plastic whistle

And some yarn?

My hair is messy again

I comb it with my spit

My chairs are duct-taped to the ceiling

I sit on my couch

My head squishes into the soft mushy seat

I touch the springs with my toenails

I roll around the ground arms streched to the limit

but they're touching all around me

I cereal my eat with a knife

I cut my toast with my spoon

I spread my jam with the can opener

I fly to school that day

I flew to school that day

I drowned before I got to school

And when I got there

I drank and drank and drank

Some gummy bears with my fingers


Candyland strand band manmember

I hear the words I can't remember

Toothbrush ache pain


My face is on the seat

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