The Final Showing

Brought down from space

The clouds separated

All was to be revealed

At the final showing

The people all gathered

They brought their children

They brought their pets

They were in for a surprise

The concrete walls

Rising hundreds of feet

Surrounded the welcoming plate

The huge screens

Where daily they would see

News programs and government officials

Were now showing pictures

Of beautiful scenes

The cityscape shows no horizon

They descended

They landed

Eyes etched an outline

Over every mark on the craft

Mouths gaped wide open

Shouts were heard

Lights were seen

Millions watched

Millions saw

As he craft open it’s doors

The figure of something

It was blanketed by cloth

Millions saw

Brought down from space

It spoke

Puzzled looks upon the before awing faces

It left

Shouts arose from the back

The police force kept them in line

The craft closed its doors

In an instant it was gone

In an instant they were gone


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