Forgotten Wild

Can you feel it?

Running down your legs?

It's piss, it's warm, it's bloody

It's got you runnin' home,

With your tail between your


Somebody once told me

That all the crime in this big big city

Has nothing to do

With how much beer

Your daddy drank when you were five years old

And I believed them!

Yes, I believed them!

I believed those words

They rang so clear

Down the dark dark tunnel

Into my ear

And I received them!

Yes, I received them!

The orders that the captain sent

Went straight into my brain

The yells, the screams, the cries that went

Through my nose

And I could see then!

Yes, I could see them!

Being there for you

It's not like I wanted to

At all.

But you insisted

You provoked me to try.

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