I cry at night sometimes

I know that’s kind of corny

But fuck you, I’m human

Sometimes I like it

I really like it

I do it on purpose

It makes me feel better about everything

Sometimes I take a long walk

In the middle of the night

I think my life over

And I wonder if I’m right

When I think about what I do

I think about everything

I’m a walking powerhouse






Good morning

I wake up in the middle of a dimly lit park

I look at my watch

It says it’s 12:30

But it’s light, the sun’s not up, but it’s light

My watch is broken.

I stand up

I realize I’m alone

I was alone

I’m alone right now

All alone

Sometimes I know I’m alone

I cry

I feel better

Sometimes it feels good to be alone

I think it’s not so bad to be alone

But then I’m alone

And I’m scared

I want to get out of here

I need to get out of here

I walk to the end of the park

I cross the street

I don’t make it to the other side

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