Anal Spasm

What does he think when he sees me?

What does he hear,

Stranded in a world of silence?

The little drummer boy means nothing to him

So does he


Or is he content?

How many licks does it take

To get to the center of a worldwide crisis?

How many kids scratch their heads

When their asked about world peace?

How many people care about

That deaf guy on the streets

How many deaf guys does it take

To change a light bulb?

Just one

It's not like he is incapable

He only cannot hear

And in this world to us it’s weird

But in his world it’s normal

And normality unadjusted

Brings equality to all.


The quality of equality in the world today is spent

So nobody has equality

We all must fend ourselves

So when I ask about world peace

And the kids on the street say please

Repeat the question

I am spent.

And before the collapsing walls of the world do,

I only want to end it.

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