Just a Dream and We Cried

In the morning I open my yes

And I wonder each time if by chance

I’d be blessed with a glance

Of your face peeking over the pillow

Like your nose peeked over the window

Sill when you wondered what I was doing outside

One night

That night

Such a long, long time ago

When Dutchess our dog

Ran out into the middle of the road

And I cried bye

And I

Just gritted my teeth and shut my eyes

But when I heard no howling dog cries

I opened up and breathed in the

Wings of an angel

Floating up above

She saved my dog and I cried

That night

When we put her into the ground

And we said an animal prayer

Her spirits lifted there

Proved to me

That we can’t see the most beautiful of things

Even if their right

Before our eyes

We can’t

And so I wondered

Where were you?

Peeking over the pillow

In the morning when

The wind came billowing in

And blew the sheet over my window

To the ground

I felt no joy like the joy

I dreamed about last night

When I dreamed about a dog getting hit under the pale moon light

And you were there

Not scared

You took my hand and led me in and

We cried

And we cried

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