Summer 2010

Out of the many ways

You ask

You act like a mask

Is over top of your face

But relax

Breathe deep, take some time, let it pass

And I'd be the first to admit

That I'm a little forward

So if you'd like to undress

I'll be the best stress relieving

Aid money can buy, but don't worry bout money honey

First time's free try

I said

The first time's on me

If you don't need

It please tell me

So I don't have to

Waste my time breathing

In the presence of low down

Cheap tricks

I'm moral less

I could care less

About your sad sappy feelings

Rather you bottle them up

So I could watch you explode someday

That's entertainment

Reality tv ain't got me going crazy

But if it's up close and personal

You can bet I'm there with a ballpoint pen and notepad

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