This mess that I've expressly invested in:

I couldn't fathom not being part of

My reckless abandon proves me true to my word:

I fight for what I believe in. 


You ever lay and cry so tears are shared between both eyes?

Forbidden, the thought repulses, you wipe the tear with haste and hate.


I miss everyone I've ever slept with.

I tried to connect with them then.

I didn't know that innocent longing would leave me lonely, like this, in the future.


You ever say things you don't mean to people you don't care about? 

It's an embarrassing habit that's hard to break

Like a heart that aches and true love wavering to fate.


Four twenty A.M.

In your head's a national anthem

One you'd just heard in a dream

The astral plane projected on your brain

A distant spark of retrieve, a vision.





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