My grandfather cigarettes

My grandfather died when I was very young, so I don’t have a lot of memories of him, but one thing I notice that everybody remembered from him was his cigarettes, and I did too. He always used to have a pack of "Delicados", those ones that didn't have the filter, he likes them strong. The cigarettes were part of him, he was always smoking, he used to smoke in the house, at work, and if he could, even in church. Also, he smelled like a mix of cologne and Tabaco. My grandfather was a hard-working man, at first he was a pilot, but when he got married he started working in factories. He grew to the point of being the jiff, and everybody respects him because he didn´t discriminates no one, he used to share his cigarettes with the workers. One thing that was famous my grandfather was his party, once a year, he planned a big party, and everyone was invited. At the end of the night, he used to take out his guitar and started singing. I remember that picture of his smoking while playing his guitar. When he retired from the factory and it wasn't long to all his sons to leave. His hand wore out couldn't keep playing the guitar like he used to, so all he had left was his wife and his pack of cigarettes.

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