Tight grip on those reins


It was like any other day in Gorgonglia, the creatures, half horse, half man, woke up and did what had to be done, as usual. It was a close community, Anglia know Servus, Polka knew Ramfis, in other words, Gorgonglia was a small community. Although relatively poor, the gorgonus quitum, Latin for Gorgonian horsemen, where content individuals. They did not know any better, their most complicated priority was hunting tonight’s game, starting up a fire, procreating and above all, listening to the gods. For the horsemen, the gods where everything, a good harvest, a successful hunt, a healthy baby, a draught, or any extra rich, where all gifts and punishments form the gods.

Anyway, as time passed, the horsemen community flourished. From a less than a hundred horseman, the community had grown to hundreds of thousands of individuals. With this rate of growth, came a great deal of riches. But now Servus’s children did not know Ramfis’s children, and Polka’s daughter had never seen Anglia’s son. The community had grown so large, it could no longer function as a free society, and what was once a peaceful community had become chaotic.

Without knowing what to do, the horsemen turned to Gandalf, the oldest and wisest horseman. Who else but Gandalf to lead them out of this chaos. Because Gandalf was so wise, he knew he had to set up a government with checks and balances, where the people would always decide who would rule them. This government would establish peace and order in Gongonglia. And so Gandalf, set up this government, and put himself as ruler.

At first Gandalf was the fairest of rulers, he collected money from the rich, and gave it to the poor. He made a great army, to defend his community from foreign invaders. He build houses, bridges and roads all for the horsemen of Gorgonglia. It seemed like everything was always going to be ok. But time passed, and the horsemen wanted change, and decided that they wanted a new ruler to lead them, somebody younger and with more vision. Gandalf was far too old and had served as their leader for far too long.

Gandalf, feeling betrayed by his people, was furious. After all he had done for them, all the time he had served, he was simply treated this way and asked to leave, nonsense! He would have none of it. He had been so used to being in power, being above all, that what was once a wise and gentle soul had turned into a greedy and corrupt one.

Refusing to give up power, he turned to the gods for power. All gods refused him except for one, hades, the horseman of death. In return for unlimited power, Gandalf would give Hades his soul and the souls of his entire horseman community. Hungry for power, Gandalf accepted the trade without hesitation. Gandalf managed to remain in power, but from this day foreword, his people would suffer for an eternity.

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