A wonderful job

Who knew a strange email could change someone’s life? I wake up as always, late. Being unemployed in the IT line of work is somewhat common. Although jobs are incrementing exponentially, people decide to just work as freelance. Finding jobs in the internet and working on them daily until the next work lines up. It was a calm and uneventful job, but I liked it since I’m my own boss (except for the client obviously). The morning routine was always the same. Wake up, stay in bed waiting for a divine intervention to get up, and end up in bed again after getting some coffee. Go to my computer after a while in bed and then check my email. This day was a little different.


Reading my email usually consists of about 8 emails every morning. Some of them are from the usual newsletters for online shops, some of them are clients reaching out trying to get something to work that clearly works perfectly, and there’s obviously the spam emails. I still read them since they usually end being completely fake. How do people fall for these? This time I fell for them. It read something like “Answer this email and you’ll get a wish the next day!!!!”. I actually laughed at it. Why not answer it? What’s there to lose? Boy, was I wrong. I answered “Get me a boring job please”. The only thing I can say after this is be careful what you wish for, since I woke up the next morning, and everything was still the same.

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