My father's grill

In my old house we used to have this storage room. Inside the storage room there were lots of things. Mostly boxes of old stuff. There was this one article that always came in and out of that room. That was an old grill. This grill was used frequently. Almost every weekend my family came to our backyard and cooked some steaks. Sometimes we would cook some salmon, sometimes some beef steaks, sometimes some baked potatoes. Normally we would invite all of our uncles and aunts. No matter what happened that week, no matter who was around, we would normally grill some steaks during the weekends. It could be on a Sunday or a Saturday, everyone loved some steak in my family. Normally my father and uncle would make the stakes, sometimes I would get a turn, sometimes my brother gets a turn. It became something that we did very frequently, that the grill started to take its toll. One day we forgot to bring the grill in and it stayed outside during the rain and rusted out. But we kept using it. It even lost a wheel and that made it tumble. But we continued using it almost every weekend. It was not just about the grill, but it was about having a day that my family could get together to cook. The grill was used by everyone. Family even borrowed to use it during the weekends. Everyone knew that the grill would do the job. The reason why my father didn’t buy another grill its unknown to me. He never thought about buying another one, since the grill worked its wonders no matter what. Until my family decided to move, there was no need for the grill again since we got a new grill. My father decided to gift it to my uncle, who still uses it to this date. The grill was not even that expensive. It’s one of those simple square grills, but it did the job. My uncle still uses it every time he cooks steaks.  

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