You Lift Me Up then Drop Me Down

Love Poems

You lift me up then drop me down

Your words consol me until I frown

Right before you push me into the pit of love

I grab onto the chains of thought

The hands of emotion get a hold of my mind

The fairy enchants me with its persuasive rhymes

Nevertheless a minute before we complete the contract

A storm drops from above tearing the pages of our compact

I wish to let go into the land of the unknown

Where the walls don’t constrict the love

And the outrageous whirlwind of passion

Destroys limitations and lifts us above

Ready to paint your lips with honey

Your ears with gold I will furnish

But every time I want to crown you

Your hand blocks my servant from placing the diamonds

I wonder why?

I wonder how?

I wish you wouldn’t lift me up then drop me down

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