Dark/Pain Poems

Put on my shoes, welcome to my world

I walk on the ceiling and on the walls

This is the trip to the eternal hall, no returns

The fairy converts you into sertraline

I swallow you, your never ending trip

The lights are off, hold on, tight grip

Your thoughts about me will change indeed

I’m warning you, don’t worry when you see my eyes bleed

Scary words, dramatic paintings, rollercoaster speaks

Voices from the stars will guide your dream

My lifeless body your eyes will see

Resting on the coffin with wings

Returning to the preface

Your pupils will dilate

When the red buffoon chains my brain

In a boxing ring me and me will crucify each

I will struggle with my eternal enemy

My skeleton will open the door for thee

I hope cause I can’t even eat

The door to my grave I lost in sea

Now imprisoned with my stalker I live

Mr. Obsession loves to keep me up, nocturnal freak

The adventure where the lost boys never sleep

You will see me trying to escape from reality

Watch for the pirates when your ship leaves

Because towards the end your mind will stink

If you manage to escape, get on the time machine

Is right there next to my hippocampus, maybe you can escape as a memory

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