The Deeper the Meaning, the Higher the Stool

No ears walk in solitude

The deeper the meaning the higher the stool

Tremendous lines separated by the broom

Do you even know how far is the moon?

He says I can’t expand my brain

The way I see things are the wrong way indeed

I am the freak which people come to see

Not knowing there’s something behind my skin

Professor, can you tell me how to speak?

Clearly I am the one who has no ability

I said I am listening without any movement of lips

Did you even take the time to hear what I see?

He loses my words in his lack of visual attention

His mannerisms show his ignorant vision

But he stopped and said “I dislike your pretention”

And “Wannabe maybe you can be your own incision”

Professor, I love the way you calculate my mathematical thoughts

However you don’t know what is really going on

The lawyers and judges in your pocket control the world

Rapid whirlwind takes you on its form

Do you know what’s going on?

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