It’s a Mix From A to Z

I breath and I see and I scream and I live

The thoughts in my mind are unclear indeed

I Walk in life day dreaming about things

When will it all make sense in my dreams

I stare at the moon, I smell the sea

I walk and I run and  I sleep

I sense the softness in your cheeks

The artistic mind takes over and I dream

It’s a mix from A to Z

Lines and love and a spoon of cross

A great dish  will be cooked with diversity

How great are the things that we cannot see

The night is dark and the day is cold

The snow is bright and unexplainable

How beautiful is to look above

The human emotions are like the wind, we can feel them but they are not tangible…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is poem that combines many different thoughts and emotions.

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