Just Like a Leaf

Life Poems

We are all like a leaf which has fallen from a tree

This leaf wanders and flies with no destination

The wind and the rain carries it through the world

However, the end of the journey is untold

Unknown and unsolved is the life of a leaf

Is carried by the effects of the climate

Spontaneously the leaf oscillates through the trees

And then it swirls back and forth in the shore

The train of life is the wind through which the leaf flows

However the leaf is being controlled

Searching for a place where to rest

The rocks and the floor seem to detest this wandering leaf with no escape

Just like a leaf is the life of man

It wanders and is carried by the world

However, we believe we are under control

Predestined is our future, predestined is our home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem describes the idea that life sometimes doesn't really have a purpose and that we are really not under control.

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