The Virgin

The sun light glistening on the leafs
The water running down the stream producing a special melody
The fresh air is unseen but smells like virgin indeed
The invisible hand of the wind caresses my skin
Eyes close, mind lost,  I can still sense the holy breeze

Blue sky, bright sun is paradise on  earth
No smoke, no harm life is pure and just
No rush, just walk, live the life of hope
Crooked trees is true perfection found on this earth
Peace in my surroundings without a war to go
Water falls from the top without any obstacles
Miniature lights painted in the midst of a black roll
The heat of the fire warms your soul and bones
The cycle of life is to be borne and grow
Just like a virgin is pure, look inside within your soul

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem sitting in the porch of a house in front of a stream in a natural park in the middle of the forest. I was inspired by the nature around me.

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