Stirred Emotions

Hate poems

My heart is pumping blood cells full of rage
I can’t stop, nor deny what my soul creates
I live with a nonviolent approach in my speech
However, today I feel like vanishing everyone who gets in my way

Death row to the mothefuckers who are unjust
Those who try to make my life a living burn
Ignorance fills their head and they will not live
When blamed unjustly, the other side awakes in me

Blazing fire burns the love, hatred is reborn
Fuck peace, stand strong and fight for injustice in this world
We judge because of the strong statements that are told
Stirred emotions inside of me flow thru my blood

Today I write with no remorse
Even if tomorrow I retract my words
Hatred is a human feeling which I usually block
However, today I need to write to alleviate my torture

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is an anger poem which I wrote after I was fed up with unjust decisions in a job. I also used other life events.

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