Fable / Myth

Andrea Lizeeth Alanis 

Patricio Garza 

Ten billion years ago there was nothing in the universe. A big light shined and suns and planets started to form, some bigger some smaller, but in the middle of it all there was this one perfect planet. God therefore named it Earth. He wanted something more for this planet, something special, he created a perfect space were living things could live. He started with the ocean, thousands of fishes and mammals, who lived in warm and freezing waters. He moved to land and he created big animals and small animals all with different colors and shapes then he  wanted to make creatures that could fly and live in the sky, creating all types of animals, bugs and birds with beautiful wings and colorful skin. For some time there was perfect harmony in the planet all the animals were get along and lived happily with each other, there where parties were all the animals got together and showcase their talents and their different characteristics. The lion stood in front of all animals and released his mighty roar, dolphins and whales jumped up from the water doing flips and tricks, even small ants got together to form sculptures, crickets sang and bees made honey. After hundreds of years living in peace, a question was asked. Four words that would change the world forever, a question that brought the worse out of every animal.


It was that time of year, the annual party was being organized, animals from all over the world started to get together to talk. But this time it felt different, nothing was coming together, there was tension, every new animal that arrived had a comment or a disagreement about something in the party. It was getting late, still so many decisions had to be made and all you could hear was a million voices shouting and disagreeing. At last the freighting 4 word question that change the world forever shut everyone up for the longest minute of their lives. Through the whole hubbub an animal, nobody knows which, screamed

“Who is in charge?”. After this was said you couldn't even hear the crickets, and they haven't  been silent for thousands of years. “I should be in charge” the old elephant said -“because I´m the biggest and strongest” , “But also the dumbest” -said dolphin from far away “I am the smartest” said the dolphin. “You live in the sea you can’t be in charge!” said an ant “I am the the best worker, I should rule”. “I can’t even see you” said a giraffe. The word “SILENCE”  was roared and everyone turn their attention to the animal speaking. “I think everyone here will have power, and a voice” said the beautiful and strong lion. All the animals  started talking and finally agreed that everyone should listen to each other’s opinion and vote for the wisest animal to be in charge. Finally the decision was made. The animal in charge would be the wisest of them all, the strongest, and the most powerful the  beautiful lion. Peace was restored with a ruler that listened and cared for all the other animals and the party begin again.







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