Mr Studious.

He knew the answers, to most of the questions,

People would ask for help,

So he always offered suggestions.


But no one knew he in fact needed the help more,

He needed someone to be there,

If ever he would fall.


The exams, the classwork and the need to be popular,

This never alluded him,

This came with his intellect,

However so did something more grim.


The constant thinking,

The constant doubt,

The internal breakdowns,

All things no one knew about.  


Until that one day when everyone knew,

The one day when the world was aware of the pain he suffered,

The one day that had no reset button,

So much was lost by so many.


Mr Studious could take it no more,

His own mind became too much to handle,

Broke him down to a hollow shell,

And so... he fell.

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