Hello, I have autism.
No need to whisper or stare.
My mommy will gladly tell you
It’s not a bother, we don’t care.
I’d love to be friends with you
Although I’m not great with hellos.
Just run and laugh and play with me.
Alongside you I will go.
Yes I do things that are different,
A holler or fidgety dance.
But don’t we all do things different?
You’ll adore me if you give me a chance
I’m sorry my behavior interrupts you
That nice dinner or a show
Trips like this are rare and special
It’s not often we get to go
Life hands us quite a few lemons.
Even your basic support is quite a task.
Just simple coordination,
is really all that we ask.
So please realize that we need you
If you love me, I promise to love you back.
Just keep in mind when it happens to your family
Just know (kiss) we got your back.

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