I Woke up in Heaven

I woke up in heaven

An indescribable jubilee

My Lord it’s so beautiful

“Are my eyes deceiving me?”


Jasper walls glistened brightly

As I stood on a street of gold

Two silhouettes appeared before me

It was too much to behold


“Hallo babe” “Hey doll”

Both my grandpas’ familiar greet

Rendered utterly speechless

I wept a while at their feet


“Your chair still sits empty Grandpa”

“No more ‘Hallo babe’ at the door”

“Christmas isn’t easy”

“Wish I’d asked more about the War”


“It’s not the same without you”

For just one visit we had yearned

I hugged him so very tightly

Then to the other I quickly turned


“It’s been oh so long Grandpa”

“I haven’t forgotten a thing”

“The river, the music, the organ”

“Cane Acres and Tennessee”


“I prayed with earnest for you nightly”

“That to the Lord you would finally turn”

“It’s been a mess since you’ve been gone”

“Guess you already know what we learned”


I came to myself and realized

“There’s so many I want to see!”

“Ruthann, Geeta, Karen, and Bob”

“And Jesus, where could they be?!”


“Babe you have to go back now”

“This was a gift of God’s mercy and grace”
“You said you wanted to visit”

“But you have to finish your race”


Just then a light shone brightly

Like a thousand diamonds, a shimmering glare

It was my Jesus approaching

Eyes like fire, a crown on his hair


I fell at his feet and worshipped

Ashamed of the messes I had made

“I haven’t been the best daughter”

“A disappointment I’m afraid”


“My blood has taken care of all of it”

“I died to cover those sins”

“Your trespasses have been forgiven”

“When you make mistakes I’ll forgive again”


“But Jesus I don’t want to go back”

“There are so many I want to see”

“Ruthann, Geeta, Karen, Uncle Bob”

“We just couldn’t stand to see them leave”


“All of them are fine my child”

“They’re anxious to see you all too”

“I told you the signs of my coming”

“We’ll all be together soon”


I woke to find myself humming

“I come to the garden alone…”

“…and the voice I hear, falling on my ear…”

Don’t worry, soon we’ll all be home


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