Love and Pain

Secret hell

Scars that tell

They tell the untold

of all you fail to unfold

I gave you my trust

I won't do that again

It didn't mean as much

as your precious culture gems

The prize of your eyes

was worth a thousand lies

What is the price of betrayal?

Not as high as Niger Delta skies

I promised my world

You failed to see its worth

Your life was more important

on the other side of Earth

Foreign land, your son lives

yet I lay dying a slow, painful death

An unequal exchange

that took my very breath

Tell me how do I erase

this testament of hell I plead?

To know I chased your love

but you would not fight for me

Ascendant mother claim your part

His allegiance 'tis of thee

You are the crypt of my heart


Author's Notes/Comments: 

So much for dedication and fidelity

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