I Dream...

Love and Pain

I dream of sweet release

and the sailing of my weighty prisons

Like days of before,

when octets of pain were unknown

I dream of remaining breaths away from a seemingly

cold clandestine plot against my rapture

and pardon from pugnacious nonsense between

relief of earthly lack and the enemies of delight

I dream of nights of delicious relax

and mornings of delicate ease

Where rest is rest

and to owe are not the stones in my pocket

Where joy is joy

and the woes are not sharp and cutting

As two loves who understand not each other

die a slow despairing death,

I understand not the fleeting of my hopes

and why they swiftly hide,

sentencing me to pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life just sucks sometimes. (And my feeble attempt to mimmick Robert Frost.)

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