Just Another Brick In The Wall


If I can't have a cigarette in peace,

the least you could do

is stop talking about

how you want to fuck my boyfriend.

"Smoking isn't good for you."

(What's your point?)

I'm leaning against the brick wall

while you speak to me

as if I'm listening.

"Are you emotional?"

(Like you fucking care.)

All I can do is sigh

and hope someone catches me

out here, so I don't have to

hear your voice anymore.

Take another drag and


"I used to like him..."

(So I've noticed.)

"... But I'm going out with Ziggy now."

(What the fuck kind of name is Ziggy?)

I drop my smouldering butt

to the ground

and go inside.

It's much too cold out here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There was a certain someone who hated me because I was going out with the boy she liked. This is just pieces of the conversation that went on between us.

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