My Faith

The Long Night

I've been walking this road for too long it seems

Been lost in my emotions, my fears and my dreams

Another day comes as another night passes me by

With this pain in my heart and a tear in my eye

Sometimes this life is just too much I can't take

And I find myself searching for a way to escape

But then the answer hits me and it makes me believe

As my head hits the floor when I drop to my knees

I wouldn't be the man I am without his embrace

My sanity seems held in tact by his ethereal grace

So I'll sing to the heavens of this love I have found

In my Lord Jesus Christ as I lay on this ground

I've never been a good man as much as I've tried

Just can't seem to break away from these demons inside

The sins I've committed shouldn't be forgiven at all

I deserve those flames of hell for each time I fall

This wretched soul exists with the blackest of hearts

A thousand times too many it's been shredded apart

But I keep on going with these fragments of pain

Repenting for the sins and praying it's not in vain

But some morning's as I watch God paint the sky

I slowly realize that I've been blessed beyond life

So as I walk down this road I've been walking for years

I have faith and I have love and I'll shed no more tears

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