The Long Night

Let me rest in peace for the night ahead is long

I can't keep this pace and I fear my choice is wrong

Give me madness to cleanse my forsaken soul

Give me pain to embrace and then make it my own

I need the morbid thoughts more than I need life

You can never take away all this hate I've held inside

I don't expect understanding from those who scorn

Take me as I am and maybe one day realize I'm born

A child of different worlds a virus in the world of man

I can taste the death of life with these two very hands

The insanity will spread until all the world is mad

And then they'll never miss the things they never had

There is no forgiveness for the sins I do commit

All I ask is for pain and the pleasure you can remit

I accept the darkness and it makes me who I am

The bastard child of madness and the son of the damned

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