Drowning Into Madness

The Long Night

Darkness, consuming all that I am

Realizing, the limitations of man

Failing, to perceive or understand

Drowning, into this madness again

The clock is ticking, yes time keeps ticking

As I continue bleeding, the sorrow in my viens

These walls, so cold, this night, I'm predicting

I'm lost in darkness...no, lost in my pain

Pouring from deep within, in rivers of lies

Dancing with beckoned fate, only now I'm too late

So with blackened hands, my spirit slowly dies

Vanishing into this night, into fragments I relate

I can feel the darkness, consuming all that I am

And now I'm realizing, the limitations of man

As I continue failing, to perceive or understand

Now I'm slowly drowning, into this madness again

Like mindles lambs, to the slaughter

Feel the darkness, fear the falling,

In pools of blood, I shall not falter

Hear this madness, it's my calling

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