Fading Dream

The Long Night

My heart is dropping slowly

And it's sinking day by day

Memories lost in alcohol

And I keep drinking them all away

I can't see their faces

And their names have disappeared

They become a ghost like me

Almost like they never were there

All I've left are glimpses

And they just don't seem all that real

Smiling, laughing and playing with friends

That time just couldn't heal

A few remain in my heart

But so many more just fade away

Like drifting rain drops in the wind

It's not hard to forget their fate

But there is a rare chance

By the passing of poison through my lips

That a memory becomes clearer and clearer

With each and every sip

It's some reverse mechanism

That is locked inside my mind

Unlocking my subconscious

To those I've left behind

It came to pass in this week's time

I saw a face I'd never seen

Though vaguely familiar

The thought seemed like someone from a dream

And as I washed down that week's pain

It slowly came to bear

I could see a smile with rose red lips

And long flowing auburn hair

It wasn't so much an image

But a feeling deep inside

Something I'd forgot to say

But I should before I die

She was from a time

When happiness seemed to come at ease

Where most of what I ever wanted

Was right there for me to see

I say this like it's long ago

But only months does my memory tell

Still the times are dark and cold

And my life has become my cell

But thinking of her, you know

Somehow it made me smile

Perhaps it was just the booze in me

For I had been drinking for quite a while

I gathered my friends nearby

And almost crying I told them why

I think they really understood

What could bring these tears to my eyes

They had known the girl too

But she had moved away some months before

She was escaping a life of torment

A life I had long since bore

It's funny now that I think of it

I never really saw her in that way

She became more like a sister

And I'm only sorry she couldn't stay

She was in love with a boy

Whose brother I called my friend

She seemed like me in so many ways

And we would talk to daylight's end

With an ocean between her and her love

Their hearts soon withered and died

She was then decieved by a devil

His silver tongue was forked and full of lies

Her heart still broken from love once lost

She gave it easily to ease the pain

Now a life bloomed from that deceit

And it seemed to her more like chains

What terrible twist of maddening fate

Could do this to one such as her

The most innocent girl I've ever known

Betrayed by a malevolent cur

I was there through thick and thin

And my shoulder stayed soggy with tears

But time passed quickly and now she's gone

And never these thoughts to hear

Perhaps I have been wrong to even welcome

Such thoughts inside my head

Or perhaps I was wrong to never mutter them before

In fear of things of dread

One thing is certain, I can not deny

The pain in my heart still grows

It would never have meant that much

But still I think she should have known

What's done is done and nothing I say

Can change the past I fear

For now I'll just have to settle

For the memories faded and scarred with tears

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