Candy Coats and Silver Shreds

The Long Night

Between the candy coats and the silver shreds

My throat is dry and my eyes are red

This cigarette is shaking in my hands

As I fall back on my knees again

And I raise my voice up to the sky

For just one more day while I’m alive

To find the peace that I’m denied

As I puke my guts out in denial

Running away just has always been

The cure for life and my ailments

Drown my sorrows where they can’t see

The pain in my heart as it bleeds

Well I never knew what to do

I never had the answers to say to you

I never had the courage that I need

As I fall from grace for the world to see

Well the candy coats and the silver shreds

Are just reminders that I’m not dead

And as I look into the mirror now

I can’t help but ask myself how

The man in me has changed so much

Why is it that I could never get enough

And how does a heart begin to mend

From the ashes of a nightmare’s end

Well I’m falling faster into the lies

Remnants of my pain through my disguise

Knocking back another as I say

I’m going to be fine for one more day

Well I never knew what to do

Besides the vulgarity of all this abuse

I never was what I should have been

Another fallen angel in a world of sin

And I never knew what to say

To make your eyes turn my way

So the candy coats and silver shreds

Take me to dreams inside my head

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