Posthumous Words of a Misunderstood Man

I had a loving and pure heart

but portrayed as evil and dark

framed for a crime I I didnt commit

Just because I refused to submit

to this sick society, adding to my anxiety

known for notoriety, but not for propriety

I was too humble to show off my good deeds

I was committed to giving everyone their basic needs

I had a hard childhood, so I wanted kids to see

there's much more to life than just poverty

So I did benefit concerts and shows

Getting good grades put you in the front rows

I donated millions to charities and wrote a code of laws

to be adopted by gang members and underdogs

it said to get up and not be silent

get out of the ghetto and not be violent

I was rich but didn't need the wealth

All I wanted was for the world to be in good health

But one night I got my robbed and my head split

By my "friends" and got too involved in a conflict

This made my heart turn cold seeking revenge

Ending relationships that were impossible to mend

things got out of hand and again I got shot

suffering fatal wounds, I almost died on spot

This world cannot house a pure soul like me

in my death I am now happy

Maybe my message will soon be known

maybe one day it will again be shown

To all those struggling, keep pushing and endure

signed Tupac Amaru Shakur

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my hero and inspiration. Thanks for The impact you have made on me

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