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I have a flame 
Inside me that 
Is burning for
There is fire 
Inside me that 
Is burning so big 
For Jesus Christ 
Ours savior he love 
Us unconditionally 
And forever protect us 
I am not ashamed of 
God ours savior he
Create heaven and earth 
He die for us and he create 
Us the we are everyone is 
Different and that is ok because 
That how God create us to be 
We I listen to Christen music 
The flames get bigger and go 
Up and up when I listen to Christen
Music or read the Bible I now at the 
Lord ours savior is walking with me
And he love me unconditionally he is
Peace and kindness he wants 
us to show peace to everyone
We meet along the way and 
Be kind to each other 
© Amanda Kay Hill

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