Special needs

poems 1

Yes I have a disability 
Special needs 
I don't let my disability 
Rule my life I might have 
A disability but it doesn't 
Defines me because it is
Not what I am as a person 
I have a disability but I am 
Humans too I get sad and 
Mad too I can be mad at 
God but I not mad at god
Because he creates people 
With disabilities to teach others 
You do have to be perfect because 
The way you are is perfect to god 
Yes I am a child of god people with 
Disabilities are gifts from god I am 
I fine that I am different because 
Everyone is different and unique 
In there own way on ones are the
Same because that how god want
It because he see everyone as beautiful 
And he love everyone unconditionally 
I am blessed to have a good friends and family 
In my life and I am believe in god ours savior
© Amanda Kay Hill

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