poems 1

Do you believe in 
Gifts I believe in 
Gifts because I wake up 
On September 14, 2016
At 3:00am I was in Alaska
On a cruise ship and it 
Was 2:00am back in Colorado
When I wake up at 3:00am 
I feel like something was
Wrong because have hard time 
Breathing and my chest hurt
I feel like crying because I
Got a feeling that my boyfriend 
has passed away and when I
Got back to home in Colorado
I found out that my boyfriend
Has passed away he passed away 
On September 14, 2016 at 2:00am
That is the same day I wake up at
3:00am what chest pain and hard time
Breathing and I found out that my
Boyfriend passed away for a heart attack
I feel like I was having a heart attack 
It is weird how things like it happen it
Is like you feel someone else pain and 
Feel like something is wrong and 
Sometime is right I believe that
It is you loved ones that passed on
Letting you know that they has passed on 
In to heaven and that they 
Are still here in spirit and 
Watching over us 
© Amanda Kay Hill