memoirs of forgotten youth

we awaken with no cares
soon to float upon the air
i will meet you on the street
kickin' dust upon our feet
as the sun just greets us warm
there arent any thoughts of harm
we shuffle skip and play
the world seems like one long day


just a boy i am
just a girl you are
and the horizon always seemed so far
when we are so young
and my shoe's undone
i felt like i could be anyone


and the summer never ends
as long as we are friends
ivory smile upon your face
melts me to another place
stop for a dish of ice cream
got no time to daydream
candy and then some lemonade
these days dont ever fade


as a boy i was
as a girl you were
lifes melody seemed an awful blur
and we wont ever stop
drinkin' soda pop
with the world below and us on top


such a sweet girl hangin' on
riding upon the sparrows song
like an angel from so high above
burning with the first sharp sting of love


the world is just our secret place
aint got the guts to kiss your face
we decide to take a swim
hold our noses and jump right in
then we walk along the tracks
theres no time for lookin' back
with the sun starting to burn
theres no chance that we'll return


pretty girl you are
handsome boy i am
we roam together across the land
shoes with no socks
grabbin' skipping rocks
the day is ours and we'll never stop


now the sun is going down
so we venture back to town
you calmly grab my hand
as we gently kick the sand
then we silently press our lips
as the sun just slowly drips
down upon the horizon
the night will claim us soon

then our kiss is slowly gone
and we journey our way home
hand in hand until the end
then its off to bed again
to dream of more fun games to play
cause' tomorrow's a brand new day

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