the journey ends

the light goes out
on all of our lives
to cast a glance of shadows weep
and when the rush seeps in
of the last dying leaf
it falls unnoticed to the earth
to tragedy's last relief

break my fall
forget all
the journey ends

fallen star
reach for promise
a faded picture upon my heart
time to breathe
and fail to tarnish

life just fades away
so never be afraid
this world to cast unknown
too harsh to freeze
too warm to melt
tie a star upon your belt
and be free

as our worlds collide
to paint up a blank sky
i don't speak
i can't peek
to climb over the weak and despair
my desire is nothing
but a burnt out sun
and my shoelaces are undone

to be all
hear my call
the journey ends

whatever hands have held my heart
have cursed to let go
whatever eyes have grazed my pasture
have left like newborn snow
i can't believe
that they did this to me
i can't be free
i'll never be clean

what kind of monster lurks inside you
what kind of creature tears you in two
i'll never know
i'll never know you
i'll never show
i'll never slow for you

it's a beat box day
so don't be afraid
come out and play
one of your games
let us all pretend
that we are so innocent
make a promise
that turns to dust at my heels
the calling of the guns
drop it into the void
broken toy
let's lose ourselves in each other
and ever
and ever my love

walk the path
see where it goes
the journey ends
but we never slow
where does it begin
we won't ever know
when will it end
too close to your soul

ever so slow
and don't expect a cloud to soften the blow
forever unknown
lost and afraid
i see a door of freedom in a facade
leave me alone
follow your heart
just know what you've done to tear me apart
leave me alone

panic love
shotgun lust
artificial heart
everything turns to dust
gold doesn't glow
diamonds do not shine
and as the ring drops slowly from my palm
it's gone
and you can never get it back

when the world seems too cold and empty
and your heart is desolate
you will find a warm smile calling
in a windswept field lament
and then you will see me standing
on a distant hill unborn
and i will wave a tear so softly
to reach you through the dawn

i love all that you are
i love all that you were
i'll fade all that we can bear to be
and shine a pearl so faithfully

the path is long
and we're unknown
feel the velvet rain
wash your life away
the journey ends

life begets
our lost regrets
chase my love
so forgotten on the floor

and in her light i felt alive
a false reprise
falling away too soon

to phase these tears
to weep for years
all i wanted was her love
what i got was a losing shove

when you realize
my bliss was in your eyes
reborn and sigh
you're mine always
forever blue skies

enchant you with a sorrow
and love you like you never knew
smile the world on the breeze
a pollen post priceless hypocrisy

it's the way it will forever be known
gone down to hell and the light i've been shown
to sift through the ashes of a world all but blown
to dwindle in the darkness of my love that has flown
to revel in the dark road that leads far from home
this journey will take us to a realm of unknown
and all we can do is hold our hands and just roam
so far away
so far into what we can never know
the journey ends

and a heartbeat just shows
that no one ever knows
what battle is lost or worth winning
and a forged life will bleed
in the tides more than need
to conclude that this world is not spinning
and we're walking a pathway to nowhere

there is shadow on our path
but we just can't turn back
only forward steps fulfill our resolution
and past lust and temptation
revoke not a single hesitation
since our hands locked in coiled absolution
to travel onward our pathway to nowhere

to heaven and wonder
to hades and under

there's a heart that bleeds black
but keeps on through the track
because loyal leads us to know what is reason
and the world will fall through
in dim sunset and truth
within one soul can hold sincere meaning

hold the flame asunder
create a new wonder

and it's your breath that steals
my torn heart at the heels
because you know that the end is forever
and my whisper will haunt
your life till you can't
ever look back and bask in your errors

if there's a teardrop in your eyelid
just let it linger
your heart will cherish it always
life holds more than one single straight road
for you to choose from
but sometimes your feet will deceive your mind

you heart is glowing on your brick road
but be weary
the path can lead to grief and sorrow
now wipe your teardrop from that gem eye
and turn to my way
my light will guide you through tomorrow

and as we reach closer to the goal
we seem to betray all we've known
and white the canvas of our soul
to bleed a whisper we never glow
this final verse within our poem
and the last act within our show
to watch the curtain slowly close
and know there was so much more to go
but will our shadows still walk the road
within life, love and death...the journey ends for us all

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